Product Life cycle support of DEFENCE manages the complexities with ILS Management. ILS management leads toward RETURN OF INVESTMENT(ROI) and yielding efficient operations. ILS can also manage with lower costs delivering Reliability and Availability from valued systems.

ALL TECH is always a people orientated organization and have built the ILS team with Project Managers, Software Engineers, Authoring Engineers, Illustration engineers and with special team on S1000D Management experts and are supporting Armoured Forces and Land Vehicle OEMs.

S1000D is a specification of technical publications based on XML, utilizing a Common Source Database-CSDB. S1000D covers the planning, management, production, exchange, distribution and use of technical documentation that support the life cycle of Military Land Vehicles.

ALL TECH experts focus on DEFENCE optimum design of complex systems progress to importance services such as Logistics Support Analysis – LSA Support

LSA is generally progressed with maturity of Land Vehicle Design.LSA forms the basis of a typical ILS program by generating the Source Data and planning for Maintenance and it leads to other ILS elements such as Training and Technical Publications. Typical LSA services are offered such as

  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis – LCC
  • Level of Repair Analysis – LORA
  • Logistic Support Analysis Record - LSAR
  • Maintenance Task Analysis and Mean Time to Repair - MTA & MTTR
  • Reliability, Availability and Maintainability – RAM
  • Failure Modes, Effects& Criticality Analysis – FMECA

Life Cycle Cost Analysis- Analyse and determines the cost to acquire and own a system over its lifetime.

Level Of Repair Analysis – LORA is an analytical method used to determine where an item will be replaced, repaired, or discarded based on cost considerations and operational readiness requirements. A complex Defence Equipment have several components, sub-assemblies and systems and is lead to possible repair decisions.

Maintenance Task Analysis – In effect to have to corrective and preventive maintenance tasks for the Military Equipment. MTA provides Data such as Intervals and elapsed time levels required to performance each task.

Logistic Support Analysis Record - The outputs of LSA feed into a central database called a Logistic Support Analysis Record (LSAR).

Failure Modes Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Criticality (FMECA), is a process analysis tool used to identify potential failures that could affect the performance of a piece of equipment. In the DEFENCE, FMEA/FMECA is often the first step of the RAM analysis.

Training Assessment and Implementation

To get a system up and running at a cost-effective way, all resources must be involved their specific task.

  • Training evaluation and its requirements
  • Deliver training plans
  • Deliver training of trainers and operators


In General, Armed Forces/OEMs modernize the platforms with high technology to increase operational efficiency. The impact is usually driven by Innovative solutions in Training leads to implementation of Training High Tech Simulators.
The virtual training simulators are networked to offer high-fidelity simulation to provide necessary skill sets for drivers, trainers to achieve high efficiency in operational need. ALL TECH has partnered with multiple third-party organizations to provide

  • Tactical Driving Simulators
  • Crew Training Simulators
  • Live Training Simulators

We have partnered to provide solutions for 4*4, 6*6, 8*8 and also Armoured Combat Tank Vehicles.